Rev. Kalen Fristad, Director
P.O. Box 19
Dows, IA   50071

The purpose of Destined for Salvation Ministries is to challenge the teaching that many
people will suffer forever in hell, and to affirm and proclaim universalism/universal
salvation (that is, that everyone will eventually experience fullness of life).

This ministry is for thoughtful people who are uncomfortable with (or are in outright
rebellion against) the teaching of eternal damnation. This is an issue, not just for
Christians, but for people of other faiths, as well as for others who don’t embrace any
particular faith.

We affirm that not only does The Holy Bible teach that everyone will eventually
experience fullness of life (salvation), but that the writings and teachings of many other
faiths affirm this good news as well. We also recognize that, for many others, logic
leads them to the conclusion that it doesn’t make sense to believe that many people will
suffer in hell without end.

We believe that the common Christian understanding of salvation (that is, accept Jesus
as your personal Savior, so you can go to heaven when you die) is an inadequate
understanding of salvation because it doesn’t necessarily involve change or growth.
Instead, we define salvation as learning and growing, either with or without divine
influence, so as to experience fullness of life, in this life and beyond.

So, in contrast to what many people believe, we reject the idea that a lot of people will
experience hell for eternity. Instead, we believe that everyone will eventually experience
fullness of life, and if that doesn’t happen for certain people in this lifetime, it will take
place sometime beyond.
Destined For Salvation Ministries