The Reverend Kalen Fristad leads this ministry. He is a United Methodist
minister and has served churches in Iowa for 34 years.

Rev. Fristad has had an interest in universalism for decades, which has
continued to grow over the years. That led to writing a book on the subject,
entitled, “Destined For Salvation: God’s Promise to Save Everyone”, and to go
on the road to counter the teaching of unending hell and to proclaim that
everyone will eventually experience fullness of life (salvation).

He began Destined for Salvation Ministries in July 2003. He worked full time in
this ministry from July 2003 through June 2006, traveling the country (with his
wife, Darlene), accepting invitations to speak to churches and other groups,
and challenging the teaching of eternal damnation while proclaiming the hopeful
message of universalism.

Rev. Fristad returned to parish ministry in July 2006. As of January 2008, while
continuing to serve churches in Iowa half time, he resumed his traveling ministry,
spending half time on the road. He retired from the parish ministry in July 2013,
but continues to travel the country speaking on the subject of universalism.

While Rev. Fristad approaches this issue as a Christian, he has experienced a
growing appreciation of other faiths, and also of the spirituality of those who
don’t embrace any particular faith.
Meet Rev. Kalen Fristad
Destined For Salvation Ministries