If you wish to financially support this ministry, you may print the following form and mail it with your contribution.

                                     Partnership Form

Yes, I want to be a partner in Destined For Salvation Ministries:
___ New                 ___ Renew                      Here’s my contribution of $ ________

Other ways I may be involved include:
•  Tell others about salvation for all
•  Organize and lead or participate in a study group on universal salvation
•  Share the names of others who may be interested in this ministry

Name ___________________________________________    Telephone ________________________

Street ___________________________________________    E-mail ___________________________

City _______________________________  State ________________________  Zip ______________

Please return form to: Rev. Kalen Fristad, Destined for Salvation Ministries, P.O. Box 19, Dows, IA 50071.
If You Wish to Help
Destined For Salvation Ministries