Back cover (both books)

Kalen Fristad is the Director of Destined for Salvation Ministries, through which he speaks
to churches and other groups across the country, planting seeds of hope and spreading the
wonderful news of God's unlimited love and salvation. He is a United Methodist Minister,
who has served churches in Iowa for twenty-seven years.

Fristad is passionate in his belief that God will eventually save everyone, a view that is
affirmed by Scripture and was widely held by Christians during the time of the early church.  
This book challenges the notion that God might throw some of God's children into hell's
dungeon, toss away the key and never again listen to their pleas for mercy.

Two of the most basic tenets of Fristad's faith are that God is unconditionally loving and is
all-powerful. Those who feel confident and secure in their faith journey will be affirmed by
reading Fristad's views. Those who struggle with their faith and fear they or others are
damned will find new hope.
Destined For Salvation Ministries