Rev. Fristad offers for sale CDs (audio) and DVDs (video) of two sermons, and also of an
interview on the subject of universalism, as follows:

Sermon: “Universalism: Past, Present and Powerful”
In addition to speaking on the long rich history of universalism, Rev. Fristad relates in this sermon
that the teaching of eternal damnation is not merely a harmless untruth that we might appropriately
ignore and allow to stand, but it has serious consequences. It leads to the possibility, perhaps
even the inevitability, of wars, bigotry, oppression and abuse. On the other hand, the teaching of
universalism leads to equality, respect, love and dignity for all.

Sermon: “Rescue or Flush?”
This is a biblically-based sermon, in which Rev. Fristad makes it clear that God never gives up on
anyone and flushes them (sends them to hell forever), or abandons lost people in this life or the
next, but ultimately rescues everyone. This message provides encouragement to people who are
open to the belief that God will eventually save everyone, while being respectful of those who
may disagree.

Interview: “Kalen Fristad on Universalism”
This is an hour long interview which was done for a television program. It consists of a wide-
ranging and comprehensive discussion on the topic of universal salvation. The interview was
conducted by Mr. Mike Aasen at the Community Television Studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
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