PREFACE (both books)

I have written this book to let the world in on a secret that the Church has kept away from
most people for the last 1,400 years. This is the secret:
God will eventually save everyone.
This truth, supported by the Bible, was widely accepted by early Christians for over 500 years.
The belief in universal salvation was threatening to some Church leaders and the teaching was
banished in the sixth century. In the eighteenth century, Christians once again began to affirm
Universalism. Since then, many theologians, church leaders and millions of Christians have
espoused it. God promises to save everyone, so there is hope for us all.

The hope of universal salvation stands in bold contrast to what many people claim to be good
news. That is, God succeeds in saving those who have the good sense to become converted
before death, but for the others, God throws them into hell and tosses away the key.  

Thoughtful people are justified in rebelling against a God who would do such a thing. They
seem to instinctively know that God is not condemning, but loving and saving. They consider
the perception of the God of eternal damnation, as commonly taught by most Christian
churches, to be incredibly bad news. The belief that God will not or cannot save everyone, and
even imposes and enforces everlasting punishment, turns many people against God. That often
results in spiritual tragedies, such as atheism, meaninglessness, meanness, and Satanism.

I too rebel against the teaching of a God of eternal damnation. Two of the most basic tenets of
my faith are that God is unconditionally loving and is all-powerful. It is because of those two
foundational beliefs and the specific support of universalism in the Bible that I am compelled to
believe in it. A God who, out of love, desperately wants to save everyone but is unable to
accomplish it, isn’t much of a God. By the same token, a God who is quite capable of saving
everyone but callously chooses to not do so is not much of a God. But the all-powerful and all-
loving God as presented in the Scriptures, and in whom I believe, has enough love and power
to save all of humankind.  

This book is for those who are not content with the common teachings regarding God and
everlasting punishment in hell, for those who are seeking more profound spiritual truth, and for
those who are in outright rebellion against the Church, and even against God. I invite you to join
me in exploring the issue of universalism and why it is so important for the people of today and
will be for those in the generations to come.
Destined For Salvation Ministries